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"Deep thinking" by Timothy J. Peirson-Smith (SCMP, 1 December 2017) on potential mass unemployment in the age of AI

"Carrie Lam proves she's no Cy Leung clone with her first policy address" by Timothy Peirson-Smith (SCMP, 12 October, 2017)

03 April 2017

Political Risk Report No.9 is now available on our website. We discuss challenges faced by Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive-elect and the potential members of her cabinet.

For the full report, please click 'News and Events' and go to the Political Risk Report page.  



"Hong Kong should face the aging problem of labouring population" by Timothy Peirson-Smith (Hong Kong Economic Journal, A17, 1st March, 2014) on aging population

"Government should revise the Double Stamp Duty in order to avoid the gridlock "  by Timothy Peirson-Smith (Sing Tao, A18, 22 February, 2014) on the proposal of double stamp duty

''Hong Kong needs a flexible approach to work as the population ages'' by Timothy Peirson-Smith (SCMP A11, 1 January 2014) on population policy
"Heavy Duty" by Timothy Peirson-Smith (SCMP A17, 16 May 2013) on the proposed double stamp duty

"Sacrificing our education for housing is no solution" by Timothy Peirson-Smith (SCMP, 8 January 2013) on Hong Kong University plan

"Hong Kong risks losing the global education race" by Timothy Peirson-Smith (SCMP, 29 May 2012)  Timothy Peirson-Smith's OpEd on education has been published in several media... MORE>>

Elbow at Latitude 1 22' 0'' North (Singapore) - Timothy Peirson-Smith Issue 111 May 2012


"High Voltage" by Timothy Peirson-Smith (Hong Kong Commercial Daily (HKCD), 7 February 2012)

Timothy Peirson-Smith's OpEd "High Voltage" has been published in several Chinese media... MORE >>

Timothy Peirson-Smith's OpEd "Pay our part" has been published in several Chinese media, it included Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ), Hong Kong Commercial Daily (HKCD) and SingPao. MORE >>

"Pay our part" by Timothy Peirson-Smith (SCMP, 8 December 2011)

In the early 1990s, Hong Kong power companies were criticised for not doing enough to curb their pollutant emissions. Alongside local green groups, our mantra was “less coal, cleaner fuels” which compelled the government to set new and ever tightening standards of emissions for our power suppliers. In response Hong Kong power companies devoted technical and financial muscle to make coal cleaner, and we still received cleaner energy with steady monthly bills, modest tariff rises and enviably reliable service.

Fast-forward to 2011 and we are demanding even lower emission standards. The government and the power companies are again listening, heeding the communities’ calls for cleaner, greener energy. This time around, however, the only way to meet these new demands is to readjust the mix of energy sources. If we want cleaner energy, power companies have no choice but to turn to other, less polluting sources, particularly natural gas.

We have overheard the media and grumbling of late about possible hikes in energy tariffs. These increases should not come as a surprise. We have ordered cleaner energy, and the power companies have delivered via emission control and will have to continue delivering, vis-à-vis natural gas. Now we have to pay for this vital change......


However, in today’s opinion poll obsessed world and the escalating global anti-nuclear sentiment, any government that openly exhibits determination in nuclear expansion will find itself acutely unpopular. To be ephemerally unpopular today or to shy away from the only right-sized solution for combating climate change, is the question. A nuclear energy free world is a utopia worth pursuing, but a utopia cannot be built on a planet that does not survive today’s escalating challenges of climate change.... MORE>>>

"Deep thinking" by Timothy J. Peirson-Smith (SCMP, 1 December 2017) on potential mass unemployment in the age of AI

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