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Executive Counsel Limited provides bespoke communication training services, empowering executives to communicate with confidence before a range of key audiences.

Executive Counsel Limited works with seasoned journalists and videographers to provide hands-on experience with immediate playback and feedback, underpinned by cutting edge theory to maximise the effectiveness of your communication.

Our team has experience working with the biggest companies such as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Group Limited and the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Media Training

Our techniques include the identification and refinement of key messages, a comprehensive overview of the motives and methods of media professionals, and simulation training exercises to suit a variety of media occasions, including dealing with impromptu media encounters and how to prepare for broadcast interviews. Through these exercises and others tailored to your individual case, executives can learn to avoid appearing aloof or unprepared, and instead equip themselves to reap the positive benefits and immense PR value of media exposure.

Crisis Communication Training
It takes years for a company to build a positive reputation with its stakeholders. A single mismanaged crisis can ruin a hard-won reputation, and in extreme cases, may even threaten the very survival of the enterprise. Smart businesses are those that anticipate unexpected or critical situations, and deal with them strategically and effectively when they arise. Executive Counsel can train your people to be ready to deal with the media with confidence, should the worst happen. Even in a time of crisis, our strategies make it possible to bring the media on side with clear and thoughtful information sharing, turning a potential disaster into a PR success for your business.

Presentation Coaching

In any performance, the way you present yourself is more than half the battle. Through both individual and group sessions, Executive Counsel’s experienced trainers can assist with identification of key messages and media targeting, proper structuring of presentations, advice on clear and effective visuals, rehearsal direction and feedback on style and delivery. This is combined with taped rehearsals and feedback to maximise effectiveness.

Report Writing
Executive Counsel Limited believes that executives can write more strategically, and  we provide training to enhance writing skills. Our report writing training can strengthen information and argument structure, analytical approach and brevity. Executive Counsel Limited can assist executives in clarifying their objectives and objectively examine audience to communicate clearly and concisely.

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