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Executive Counsel sees stakeholder engagement as a crucial element for both corporate governance and infrastructure, planning and development projects:


Stakeholder Engagement for Better Corporate Governance
Understanding stakeholders' concerns comprises a key aspect of good corporate governance. Stakeholders of a company include employees, suppliers, consumer regulators, and members of the public. From a corporate governance point of view, engaging stakeholders enables senior management and the board to be informed of the concerns and risks. Incorporating stakeholders' identified key concerns and interests into operation allow better risk management and informed decision-making process, leading to further strengthening of corporate sustainability and long-term trust and reputation among stakeholders.


Stakeholder Engagement for Infrastructure, Planning and Development
Stakeholder engagement and effective communication are essential components in the planning and construction stages of any major development project, and even more so when under the public scrutiny for public works projects. From over thirty years experience, a well-planned and executed stakeholder engagement strategy can influence the long-term project narrative. It will allow smooth planning, tendering, commissioning and operational stages, save time and streamline consultancy and project completion.


Corporate Governance 
Executive Counsel Limited has advised corporates and their boards on all aspects of corporate governance. Executive Counsel can provide advisory support in terms of company board reviews. In addition, development of stakeholder engagement strategies, crisis communication, plans and ESG strategies. Timothy holds the Independent Non-Executive Director qualification awarded by the Financial Times/ Pearson. 

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