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Responding to the changing climate of demand, many corporates now recognise the importance of a coherent sustainability ESG strategy, but may not understand how to craft a response that balances the needs of shareholders, clients and the wider stakeholder community, or provides commercial value beyond its environmental benefits.

Understanding that sustainability/ESG represents both risks and opportunities for every business today, Executive Counsel Limited can ensure that your ESG response to sustainability is informed, balanced and tailored to your unique brand identity, vision, mission and values.

Building on over 20 years of environmentally-focused support to public and private sector clients, Executive Counsel Limited is uniquely equipped to assist businesses to meet the challenge of crafting a mature, informed and balanced strategic response to sustainability/ESG.

Executive Counsel Limited can provide the following support:

     Align your business’ sustainability/ESG with corporate vision, mission and values;
     Attract and retain the best talent amongst today’s graduates;
     Avoid the negative impact of unrealistic targets and the perils of ‘greenwash’;
     Balance sustainability/ESG risks and opportunities;
     Balance shareholders’ and stakeholders’ needs;
     Communicate your sustainability/ESG strategy to key targets;
     Create professional collaterals to convey your sustainability/ESG message;
     Develop benchmarks for sustainability/ESG performance;
     Explore ways to improve your business performance through sustainable practices;
     Improve staff morale through effective sustainability/ESG programmes;
     Manage and protect your reputation;
     Nurture stakeholder support; and
     Understand the opportunities and threats that sustainability/ESG brings to your business.

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