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  Mr Po Chung - News Articles

South China Morning Post, OpEd, 12 November 2017

 South China Morning Post, OpEd, 21 November 2016

South China Morning Post,  A12, 08 October 2016

  South China Morning Post,  OpEd,  28 March 2016

SCMP Comment/Insight & Opinion

Cheaper fares can get HK moving again, Insight & Opinion, 23 November 2016  

Why China’s Economic Boom will never be repeated, Insight & Opinion, 07 October 2016   

HK must rid itself top down mindset alienates the workers - and leaders - of tomorrow, Insight & Opinion, 27 March 2016  

HK can stay out of the mainland’s shadow by upgrading its services, Insight & Opinion, 23 February 2015

HK must work harder to maintain its service industry edge, Insight & Opinion, 23 May 2014

How General Education can sharpen Hong Kong’s edge, Insight & Opinion, 23 October 2012


SCMP, 12 November 2017

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